Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Tomato and White Bean soup adapted

I'm thoroughly enjoying taking off the week of Thanksgiving from work to relax, work out, and cook! Today I actually cooked a lunch for myself to eat at that exact time (usually I have leftovers, or something cooked in advance). I've made a soup containing Michigan Navy Beans and canned tomatoes, that I've adapted from Bob Harper's and Greg Critser's book Skinny Rules.


4 t olive oil
2 yellow onions diced*
4 large carrots julienned*
5 cloves garlic minced
2 C cooked Navy Beans, drained, rinsed**
28 oz. can diced Tomatoes
28 oz. water
1 cube Not Beef vegan bouillon.
1 t Italian seasoning


1. Combine oil, onion, and carrots in a large soup pot and sauté until tender.
2. Add remaining ingredients and heat until boiling, reduce heat and simmer until the volume reduces to desired thickness

* I used my mandolin slicer to quickly dice and julienne
** I'd pre-made some Navy Beans in my pressure cooker this week and conveniently had these in the fridge. Canned would be just as good.


Servings: 4 Calories: 228 Fat: 6g Fiber: 11g Carbs: 39g Protein: 9g

You will notice that I don't agree with Harper and Critser about sodium. I didn't mind the 475mg sodium in this soup, since I made it at home and I don't personally have issues with salt. I got 10 cups soup total, so each serving is about 2.5 C. I had this for lunch on a lazy day, so I feel very full. That's probably because the fiber's high and the net carbs are OK. However, I'm not happy with the Protein level. It seems as though the beans have less Protein than I'd previously thought. I'd love to add this as a soup course before a dinner, and I'm surely having this as a leftover lunch soon!

The cats say: Spock was very interested while I was eating, and cleaned the bowl once I was finished! Yet-to-be-named black kitty could not be bothered by this meal's presence near her sleeping spot.

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